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At Hoyt & Hoyt, PC, in Morristown, we can put more than a quarter-century of personal injury litigation experience behind you and help you pursue full and fair compensation when an accident, someone's error or medical negligence causes paralysis.

We offer representation backed by more than a quarter-century of successful verdicts and settlements for former clients. Jack Hoyt is recognized by peers in the legal profession as one of the top lawyers in New Jersey. When you work with our office, you work with a lawyer who is certified as a trial attorney by the New Jersey Supreme Court and an office that is committed to providing outstanding client service, effective legal advice and tireless representation.

Handling The Full Variety Of Paralysis Cases

When you say the word paralysis, people naturally think of a broken back or spinal cord injury. Many other kinds of injury and nerve damage can create paralysis in localized areas and even individual limbs.

  • A damaged or severed nerve injured during a surgical procedure
  • A spinal cord injury from a car accident that isn't immediately recognized
  • Serious muscle or neurological damage associated with an incorrect prescription or treatment
  • Failure to diagnose a medical condition that leads to localized paralysis or brain injury
  • A paralyzing back injury resulting from trauma associated with a car accident or construction site accident

Paralysis can be temporary or permanent. It can completely shake the foundation of your life. The loss of use of a hand or other localized limb can leave you with unexpected financial and practical challenges, lost wages, expensive rehabilitation and an uncertain future.

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