Should You Sue After A Work Site Fall?

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We Handle Both Personal Injury And Workers' Compensation Claims

In most cases, your employer and any workers' compensation insurance representative will discourage you from working with an attorney. They will want you to visit a doctor of their choosing, and they will appear accommodating. Unfortunately, they work behind the scenes to limit their own liability, thereby limiting the compensation that is available for your work site fall injury.

If you are injured at work, you have two possible claims:

  • Workers' comp claims are for workers' compensation insurance benefits.
  • Third-party claims are against people or companies other than your employer/co-employees who may have caused your injury.

For example, if you are injured on a machine at work, you have a claim for workers' comp benefits, but you may also have a claim against the machine manufacturer for making a dangerous machine or a machine lacking adequate safety warnings/protections.

Representation and advocacy for the full and fair compensation you deserve can be provided only by a skilled and experienced injury lawyer in New Jersey.

So, Should You Sue?

At Hoyt & Hoyt, PC, we help our clients make informed decisions on a case-by-case basis.

  • Sometimes, all you need is advocacy for your right to workers' compensation benefits. We can help you gain access to an impartial doctor for evaluation and a doctor of your choosing for treatment.
  • If workers' compensation benefits don't cover the full extent of your past, present and future damages and losses relating to the fall injuries, the proper next step might be to sue for what you deserve.
  • If a third party such as another contractor or a product manufacturer is responsible for your fall, a personal injury claim might be appropriate to hold the third party accountable.

A third-party claim might be necessary in the case of a scaffolding fall, ladder fall, ditch collapse fall or a fall from a piece of machinery. If there is evidence that another party besides your employer could have been responsible for your fall, you might have a valid personal injury claim.

Poorly constructed or defective ladders, scaffolding, safety harnesses and guardrails can lead to catastrophic injuries just as a lack of other safety measures can.

When Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and other work site regulations are violated, we will unearth evidence and build a solid case for your best possible outcome.

Your Livelihood Is At Risk — We'll Help You Protect Your Future

Attorney Jack Hoyt is a certified civil trial attorney through the New Jersey Supreme Court. We'll help you understand your rights, legal options and best possible strategy to secure the maximum compensation you deserve.

Please contact us online or call us at 973-292-2299 in Morristown. We handle cases throughout New Jersey and all cases on a contingency fee basis.

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