Assisting Injury Victims After A Crash

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After a motor vehicle accident, you might not know what to do. How do you report the incident to your insurance company? What should you do immediately after an accident? If you are prepared ahead of time, you may prevent unneeded stress and uncertainty.

The following points explain the five most important steps to take immediately following a car accident:

  • If possible, move your vehicle away from traffic to a safe place nearby, such as the shoulder of the road or the right-turn lane, if no other place is available.
  • Check to make sure nobody is injured. If there are serious injuries, call an ambulance.
  • Alert law enforcement of the crash, no matter how minor. Police officers will take a report of the incident and talk to witnesses, which may help your case later when you are dealing with insurance companies. A police report may also help prove who was at fault if you have a personal injury case.
  • Exchange insurance information and phone numbers with the other drivers involved in the accident. Say only what you need and avoid apologizing, which may be seen as an admission of guilt.
  • Call your insurance company and describe the accident to them. You may also want to get copies of the police report and witness statements.

Our lawyers at Hoyt & Hoyt, PC, are committed to assisting you with every aspect of your personal injury case. We are prepared to work with insurance companies and law enforcement to prove another driver's fault, aggressively represent you in court and help you obtain the best results possible.

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Having prior experience working in insurance defense, we understand the tactics that insurance companies take to prevent you from receiving the compensation you are entitled to by law. We conduct a thorough investigation into the circumstances involved in your accident and use that information to strengthen your case and prove the other party acted in a negligent manner.

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After a car accident injury, you need compassionate, personalized treatment from an attorney who is dedicated to protecting your interests. Fill out our online form or contact our office at 973-292-2299 to schedule a complementary initial consultation. We accept clients in Morristown, New Jersey, and throughout the state.