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Get The Compensation You Deserve After A Truck Accident

All commercial truck drivers are bound by state and federal regulations, many of which importantly restrict driving hours, shift length and cellphone use. Truck drivers and trucking companies, although professionals, are notorious for pushing the limits to meet delivery schedules and maximize profits. Unfortunately, that can mean cutting corners and making preventable mistakes that can lead to devastating accidents.

Truck driver negligence may include:

  • Exceeding driving hour limits or altering driver logbooks
  • Exceeding shift hours or working without enough rest between shifts
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Driving recklessly or speeding
  • Driving with an improperly secured load
  • Driving a truck that has not been properly maintained
  • Pulling a load that exceeds weight or length limits
  • Texting or otherwise using a cellphone while driving

At Hoyt & Hoyt, PC, we have been representing injured truck drivers and parties injured in passenger vehicles in New Jersey for over 20 years. Attorney Jack Hoyt is a former insurance defense attorney, so we know what actions and strategies insurance companies pursue in attempts to limit the compensation that is paid out to injury victims in trucking accidents.

It is critical to seek consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer when you have been injured in any type of accident. We know how to maximize your compensation.

Should You Just Accept What The Insurance Company Offers?

Your insurance company might put some work in for you to ensure that the trucking company's insurance provider is held responsible for compensating your losses and damages, but that is about as far as it will go. You might even receive a settlement offer from the commercial insurance company, but it will be less than you deserve and less than you need in the long run.

Our team will work aggressively to prove truck driver negligence, the full extent of your losses and damages, and the full value of your case. We will work with trucking industry experts, accident reconstructionists, medical experts and economists to establish the full value of your past, present and future damages and losses, including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages/income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Physical therapy and other rehabilitative treatments
  • Home, car and workplace adaptations to accommodate disabilities
  • Occupational therapy and job retraining, if needed

Get Compassionate Legal Care And The Full Compensation You Deserve

Please contact us online or call us at 973-292-2299 in Morristown. We offer free case evaluations, and we handle all cases on a contingency fee basis throughout New Jersey.

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