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3D printing leads to complications with product liability

Sometimes, when new technology emerges, the law can't keep up with it. That's the case with the new 3D printing technique. This technology allows people to print a variety of items at home. Some people have created guns, prostheses and even jet engine parts.

Driverless vehicles: Who faces the blame in a crash?

Technology has a way of changing the way the world works, and the law can be affected by those changes. One of the newest technological advances is the driverless vehicle, which has room for a driver but does not necessarily need to have someone drive it manually.

What is product liability and how does it affect your case?

If you're hurt using a product you bought at a retail location or other store, you likely want to be compensated for your medical bills and know that others won't be hurt by the same product's defects. What is product liability, though, and how will it affect your case?

Family wins $8 million verdict for death of 7-month-old child

If you're familiar with the Evenflo brand, you may be a parent or know someone who is. This brand provides things like bottles and mattress pads; things most small babies and children will need at some point. These items should be safe for children, but sometimes there are defects or problems that make them too dangerous. If your child is hurt because of them, you're in a position to make a claim against the company for compensation, but that won't reverse what happened.

What are drug recalls, and why do they take place?

Drug recalls are important in today's society, because they allow dangerous drugs and mislabeled items to be recalled off the shelves and out of pharmacies quickly, hopefully before patients suffer any kind of consequences from them. New Jersey patients who do suffer injuries can usually file a claim for compensation.

Dinosaur claws classed as hazardous by agency

Every year, toys that are based on movies and cartoons come out for sale in local retail outlets. Children are exposed to the toys at friends' houses and in the home when parents purchase them to play with. This year, dinosaur claws, which were inspired by the release of the movie "Jurassic World" were released. These toys just made the headlines for being hazardous, and they're toys you may want to keep an eye out for.

E. coli discovered in water bottles leads to massive recall

14 brands of bottled water have been recalled due to possible infections with the dangerous bacteria E. coli. A June 24 news report discussed how hundreds of thousands of these bottles of water had to be recalled because of E. coli being reported at the spring where the water is sourced. Is this a very common event that you should have to worry about? Officials have stated that it's uncommon for E. coli to be in natural springs, and evidence from the past seems to back up that statement.

How will Google avoid liability for driverless car accidents?

In the U.S., we have laws to protect people who are hurt by product defects. Not only do we have safety agencies like the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, but they can require companies to recall products with dangerous design or production faults. We also have the product liability lawsuit, which can hold manufacturers, distributors and even retailers financially liable for allowing faulty products into the stream of commerce.

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