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What are the elements of a wrongful death of a mother lawsuit?

The wrongful death of a mother is a terrible thing; a child is left without a mother to care for him or her, and family is left to pick up the pieces. If a mother dies during pregnancy or labor because a doctor was negligent, then the family, including the child, may sue for compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit.

25-year-old flight attendant killed in accident in Newark

In New Jersey, pedestrian accidents are all too common. Unfortunately, dangerous drivers, busy intersections, and other factors play into people getting hurt when they should be able to walk through the area safely. Even if a person uses a crosswalk, there's no guarantee that vehicles are going to stop and wait for them to pass.

Don't let the statute of limitations stop your claim

It can be difficult to want to discuss a person's death, and when that death is the result of someone else's negligence, it can make facing that fact even harder. The truth is that while everyone deserves time to heal, wrongful death cases are limited by the statute of limitations. That means that if you don't step forward and make a claim in good time, you could lose the opportunity to do so forever.

New Jersey officer faces 25 years in prison for drunk driving

A New Jersey police officer has pleaded "not guilty" in a case where he is accused of killing two friends as he allegedly drove drunk in March 2015. According to the Sept. 21 story, the man has said he is not guilty of the charges, which include vehicular manslaughter and aggravated vehicular homicide.

What's a wrongful death lawsuit in New Jersey?

A wrongful death lawsuit is a civil case that doesn't focus on criminal law. When a wrongful death takes place, a criminal case can be launched by the authorities, but if you want to obtain compensation for negligence, then you need to work through a case in civil court. In your claim, you'll need to show why you believe that a person's death was caused by another person and why that other person is legally responsible.

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