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What's the problem with electronic health records?

In most medical offices, electronic health records have taken the place of handwritten records. This has been lauded as one of the best tools to help physicians, because the electronic records can be shared among different facilities through an electronic health record database. Unfortunately, EHRs can also be a source of medical liability.

You can protect yourself against taking the wrong medications

Taking the wrong medication can cause you serious harm. Imagine if you took a heart medication when your heart was fine, took an extremely high dose of a pain killer that conflicts with your medications or took a drug you through was for allergies but was actually for anxiety. Each of these situations could lead to serious side effects.

Medical misdiagnoses can affect your life; you can file a claim

If you've been tested for a medical condition and suffered a failed or erroneous treatment or diagnosis, it's important that you're able to file a claim for your care. You trusted your doctor, and it's important that your doctor has to take responsibility for his errors. Even minor mistakes can result in injuries to you down the line, and you need to know that you have access to the funds and care you need.

Weight loss surgery and the risk to patients

If you've decided to have surgery to help with weight loss, you should already be aware that there are many potential complications. If you've gone through the surgery and suffered because a doctor used tools that weren't sterile or allowed you to go without oxygen for too long, then you're in a position to consider a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Medication errors and patient risk

If you're given the wrong medication at a pharmacy, that's a serious problem. Taking the wrong medication could cause all kinds of side effects that you weren't prepared for. For instance, if you combine two medications that don't mix well, you could have a coronary event or suffer a stroke.

Wrong-site surgeries: Your health and surgical risks

The top safety risk in operating rooms around the United States is wrong-site surgeries. These surgeries, which take place on the wrong body parts, should be easy to avoid. How could a surgeon mistake a left arm for right arm or operate on the completely wrong side of the body? A simple scheduling error or illegible writing on the part of a physician can lead to mistakes that are painful for patients.

Woman sues after suffering incurable cancer due to morcellator

A woman in New Jersey has decided to seek out compensation from her doctor because she claims he used a hysterectomy device that the Food and Drug Administration has stated can spread cancer in the body. The woman, a 43-year-old mother, is near death after over a year following a hysterectomy. Now, she's blaming her doctor, because he used a device during the procedure that she claims is known to cause cancer to spread throughout the body.

Avoiding misdiagnosis with 5 health tips

A misdiagnosis can put your health and life at risk, so it's important to do your best to avoid them. How can you be sure that you won't be a victim? There are a few things you can do to make sure you're providing your doctor with the most information which and evidence of your care for yourself.

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