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Can I claim for my slip-and-fall accident in summer?

There are many situations where people trip, slip, or fall. Maybe you weren't paying attention and tripped over a step, or you slipped on ice when it was winter. Not all cases of tripping, slipping, or falling are the responsibility of a property owner, but in many cases, the owner of the property can be held liable if you suffer injuries.

What to look for in safe student housing

In the early part of the summer, it's not uncommon for students to begin looking for their fall homes where they can live as they start their next school semester. When you're ready to take that step, it's important to make sure you see the housing you want to live in before you agree to any arrangements. Make sure not to sign any contracts until you've been inside the property.

Homeowners need to keep sidewalks and paths clear of ice and snow

Homeowners should be held accountable for dangerous walkways in cases where they're the liable party. In many cases, walkways leading up to houses and sidewalks in front of properties are the responsibility of homeowners. Of course, every city, town, or village is different and has different laws, but generally speaking, it's a homeowner who you'll be claiming against if you're injured on a pathway outside a home. That means that in the winter months, it's their responsibility to make sure the walkway isn't slick and can be passed without danger.

Be safer this winter with these safety tips to prevent falls

As winter approaches, you're more likely to get hurt falling or slipping on ice than in any other time of the year. To avoid slips and falls, you'll need to be vigilant; not being cautious could result in your suffering a major injury and missing time from work. Sometimes, falls will be unavoidable, especially if a homeowner or business owner ignored a prospective fall hazard. In that case, you may be able to work with your attorney to find a way to receive compensation.

Premises liability protects your rights after a personal injury

The negligence of a property owner shouldn't affect you, but if you've been injured because they didn't take care of or maintain a property, that's exactly what their negligence has done. You've been affected and have been left with medical bills, pain and suffering to deal with. Instead of enjoying your day out to a restaurant, shop, or venue, you've been left in the hospital and have had to deal with unnecessary stress and frustration.

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